WEST END was written in the vein of the great character driven crime dramas of the 1970s. The story of WEST END plays through it’s exploration of relationships, like Martin Scorsese’s MEAN STEETS, William Friedkin’s FRENCH CONNECTION, and Francis Ford Coppola’s THE CONVERSATION.

WEST END was proudly shot entirely on location at the Jersey Shore. For Jersey native Joe Basile, the Director/Writer, it was imperative that WEST END be true to its roots. True to the New Jersey where he grew up.

Basile and his executive producers, Shelly LoCascio and Michelle Hurley, gained the support of the community. Businesses up and down the Shore got involved: Joe Leone’s Italian Specialty Shop, Rella’s Italian Tavern, Ocean Beach Marina, Clayton and McGirr Funeral Home, White Sands Hotel and Spa, and the legendary Windmill Restaurant (a location that was in the script’s first draft) all donated goods, services, and locations.

Many more business donated clothing, jewelry, props, and set dressing. Local residents gave their homes up as “picture homes”. Even LoCascio, owner of IRWIN LINCOLN donated the picture cars and her dealership as a location.

The City of Seaside Heights graciously opened its doors to WEST END, which gave the film it’s grit and elegance. A “pre Sandy” Boardwalk, Club Merge, Club Karma, Spicy’s Cantina, and the Sunrise Motel, are the film’s backdrop. Because of Seaside’s support, WEST END is authentic New Jersey.

A hard working crew, a talented cast, and the support of a community all contributed to the success of WEST END.

As Basile puts it, “WEST END is a solid piece of work.”