WEST END is HAMLET revisited, Jersey style.

It’s been over ten years since Vic Trevi has been home, back to the Jersey Shore. Vic ran away to escape the embarrassment of being a Trevi. It’s not an ideal place to grow up when your mobster father is convicted of racketeering and sent to jail and your name is smeared all over the news.

After his father was sent to jail, Vic’s father’s brother JOHN raised him like his own. Uncle John put Vic through college, through law school – no questions asked. Vic left and never looked back.

Vic returns to Jersey days after his father has been murdered, a mob hit. As much as home seems the same, things have changed. Uncle John now rules the family that once belonged to his father. Vic’s best friend, ANGELO “BUDDY” BUCCELLATO, is married to Vic’s high school sweetheart, LAUREN McKINN. The one thing that hasn’t changed, Vic’s strained relationship with his mother, MARY.

Now, standing on the boardwalk of Seaside Heights, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, Vic wonders if coming home was the right choice.

There are so many questions that still haunt Vic about his father and family. Will he be able to forgive his mother? Will he reestablish the bond with his Uncle John that was formed after his father went to jail? More importantly – will he find any clues to his father’s murder?

Vic needs to find out the truth about his family before his family finds the truth out about him. Vic is an undercover FBI agent positioned to go against the people he calls family. He’s caught between the age-old struggle between duty to the law and duty to the people he calls family.

As Vic digs deeper, he unearths secrets about his father, mother, uncle, and friends that will change all of their lives forever.